From July 16-20, 2018, I enabled 15 middle school students from Rockheights Middle School to attend a week of science camp in a community center in Esquimalt, BC., through the University of Victoria affiliated Science Venture program. I’m sharing this with you as inspiration, and to ask you to help me connect to others who can help solve the challenges of education we have with our leaders of tomorrow. The students were taught by three U Vic Graduate Students, learning from STEM (science / tech / engineering / math) styled topics. They learned to code, build a wind turbine, make a robot, and so much more. The students loved it, and were introduced to all kinds of new ideas. These students are our future, and we need to support their advanced education. I’d like to figure out a way to get more people/companies to donate in order that both local students and those from other school areas can do this for a week in their summer, as I believe this will pay off in ways we can only imagine in the years to come. If you would like to discuss this, please get back to me. A special thank you to the following : * Melisa Yestrau, Director, Science Venture Program at the University of Victoria * Undergraduate instructors from the University of Victoria * Maryanne Trofimuk, Principal of Rockheights Middle School * Esquimalt Recreation Center, who provided a classroom, gym access, and more * Thrifty Foods, Admirals Walk, who generously provided food and snacks for the students * Country Grocer, Esquimalt, who generously provided food and snacks for the students * A very special thanks to Carla Lewis, who spearheaded this entire effort on my behalf. Without her, this would not have happened. #scienceventure #actua_canada #awestem #canada #education #DigitalLiteracy #youth #inspiringFutureInnovators #ComputerScience @scienceventure @actua_canada

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